"20 shells flew into the yard of my grandfather"

"20 shells flew into the yard of my grandfather and grandmother. They shelled the center of the village of Berestovo, exactly where we lived... The whole yard is in ruins and the house is broken. Now we shudder at every sound," says 15-year-old Kostya, who managed to survive during enemy landings in de-occupied Kharkiv Oblast.

As many as 11 relatives were hiding in the basement near his house at the same time. Most of them were left without housing, which was mutilated by the occupiers with massive shelling during the retreat from Kupyansk. It was not possible to send a request for rescue to anyone - the family was left without electricity and mobile communication.

For almost a week in the cellar, the family prayed to survive and not get sick due to the terrible cold. They took food with them to the basement, and they ran out to heat the water one by one and returned faster. Constant explosions made everyone afraid of every noise.

The last straw was the sparks that fell into the basement after another explosion. Then the relatives decided to leave together. Adding to the inconvenience was the fact that their vehicle already had a broken glass, and all the other neighbors had left a long time ago. There was also a lack of information that the road would be safe.

Our team responded to this family's evacuation request. Everyone was calmed down and safely transported to Kharkiv. There they were fed, given time to rest and make decisions about further plans.

Now Kostya closes the question about finding a school. The first job he is ready to undertake after the 11th grade is working in the field of security together with his relatives. And we can only wish the boy endurance and strength.