Our volunteers evacuated 6-year-old Anya directly from the shelling.

Our volunteers evacuated 6-year-old Anya and her mother Olga from Donetsk region directly from the shelling.

The girl and her mother spent the entire time of the occupation in their native village of Torske. They witnessed the absolute brutality of which a person should not be capable: the Russians robbed, tortured, raped and killed civilians.

Little Anya was in this hell: she heard, saw and knew everything. Together with her mother, the girl courageously waited for the Ukrainian defenders! However, with the liberation of the home came russian revenge...

On the day of the evacuation, the enemy heavily and continuously shelled the village of Torske. Our way to Anya and Mrs. Olga passed through a damaged road and a destroyed bridge. But we managed to get to our destination, pick up our family and escape from the bullets.

Currently, our Luhansk hub is taking care of the girl and her mother. Soon Anya will go to a safe region of the country, where, we hope, she will be able to recover from what she experienced and will no longer hear scary explosions🙏