Was born under shelling

6-month-old Bohdan was born under shelling and because of them, he was forced to leave his native home.

Relatives were very worried when the boy's mother was admitted to the Kherson maternity hospital. During childbirth, an enemy attack began. "As soon as we got to the operating room, there were 3 loud explosions nearby," Emilia recalls about her son's birthday. Fortunately, the cesarean section went well and the boy was born healthy.

Emilia was forced to go on maternity leave because she was unemployed. Back in May of last year, Russian soldiers broke into the pharmacy where the woman worked and set up a real racket. Then they brought in their medicines and sold them as if nothing had happened. For the second time, the pharmacy was robbed before fleeing the city. Along with their medicines, they also took out all the machinery and equipment purchased by the Ukrainian company. So all the time, the young family lived on the funds of their father, who has been working in a bakery.

Little Bohdan's grandfather, who lives on the Dnipro’s left bank also suffered from Russian aggression. Armed invaders in balaclavas broke into his home, put a gun to h, and took all his savings. In the end, they shot him in the leg. A sudden call saved the man from tragedy and forced the offenders to leave quickly.

Bohdan is now six months old. His family could continue to live in their hometown, even without enough baby food and diapers. But the Russians destroyed their home. During another shelling, one projectile landed at a distance of 50 meters from baby Bohdan's house. Windows in neighboring houses were shattered by debris, and their house started to shake from the detonation. The family was lucky that time. Emilia with her 6-month-old son Bohdan and 6-year-old daughter Zlata stayed in the kitchen. But after that, they decided not to risk it anymore.

Emilia suddenly came across an ad for Save Ukraine and asked us for help. Our volunteers helped the family evacuate from Kherson, presented Zlata with a life-saving LifePack backpack, and for the time being sheltered the family in the capital's "Hope and Recovery" center. The parents hope that in the next few months the shelling of Kherson will stop, and they and their children will be able to return home. It remains to wait for the Armed Forces to liberate the south of Ukraine in a flash.

0 800 333 129 – free hotline of the rescue network Save Ukraine with support USAID Ukraine - USAID Україна.