A stress-relieving class was held for migrant children

Our enemies stole childhood from modern Ukrainian children of war. But it is our adult duty to give little Ukrainians a sense of security and gradually return their carefree smile, regardless of the situation around them.

Most of the partner hubs of "Save Ukraine" have created weekend children's clubs and conduct creative classes for migrant children. During them, children communicate, play together, draw, watch movies, and how can we do without something tasty. Our volunteers also organize nature trips for children.

This time, the team of the Zaporozhye hub, the "Christ is the Answer" church.
conducted a psychologically relieving class with the children, where young Ukrainians remembered again how wonderful it is to simply dance, play and learn something new and interesting.

We thank our volunteers for their work and heartfelt care with which they conduct each such class.

Together we can bring back the smiles of our children! And with such steps, we make an invaluable contribution to the peaceful and dignified future of Ukraine and its people!