Resist stress together!

Friends, today we want to tell you about one of the important courses that orphans can take in our 12 educational centers, as part of the "Dopomoga poruch" project.

The course is called "Ukraine in my heart" and was carefully developed by the specialists of our centers. Its purpose is to teach children to resist stress, to be aware of their state of being, to help themselves and others, as well as to believe in the potential of their future!

The training also includes 9 practical trainings, including:

🔹 Practical methods of adaptation in a new environment
🔹 Safety techniques during bombings, shelling and psychological first aid skills in case of stress.
🔹 How to survive a loss, etc.

Upon completion of the course, young participants will form a vision of the future, find themselves in Ukraine of the future and the opportunity to develop their potential, having received the necessary knowledge and tools for this✊

We are sure that the questions and answers that we find together with the children during training will help them pass all the severe trials caused by the war and keep faith in their hearts!

We would like to thank our partners WeAreAllUkrainians and RTL wir helfen kindern, thanks to which we implement the project "Dopomoga poruch" 🙌