A blues band came to our Hope and Recovery Center!

One of the directions of our network is to restore the mental well-being of children and families affected by the war. After all, the mental and physical health of our nation in the future depends on it.

Therefore, creative events are often held in our centers of Hope and recovery, where adults and children can communicate, learn something new, and most importantly - express themselves and believe in their abilities again. For example, the other day our volunteers invited blues band performers Phil Whiteman and Oleksiy Yarovenko to one of the centers.

This is not just another concert for fun. This is another step towards the psychological recovery of adults and children who have experienced a loss or a negative emotional shock. Interaction with artists during such a performance allows you to quickly overcome stress and the consequences of injuries received as a result of the war. And in the future, this approach will help to avoid the occurrence of various mental disorders.

Save Ukraine is a whole rescue network that unites volunteers, public and charitable organizations, where each of its members diligently performs their work. While the Armed Forces of Ukraine are working to liberate all captured territories of Ukraine, we are already today making sure that our people recover as soon as possible after what they experienced. After all, we have to rebuild our country later!