A mother and a son with disabilities couldn't receive treatment because of the war.

In the photo - Ivan from the city of Gola Prystan, in the Kherson region. He needs constant treatment, because he has a mild form of cerebral palsy. But because of the war, it became impossible to continue the treatment.

Olena, the boy's mother, also has a disability of the first group. Twice a week, a woman needs to undergo a hemodialysis procedure. Due to enemy shelling, the devices could no longer work properly, because water and electricity were completely lost in the hospital.

The sounds of rockets and constant explosions caused terrible stress for the whole family. Ivanko was especially afraid, he cried and trembled.

The partner hub of our organization in Zaporizhzhia helped the family leave the occupied Kherson region.
They are temporarily living in the hub, and volunteers are already looking for housing where the family will be able to receive treatment and feel safe.

The only thing the boy's family dreams of now is to return home as soon as possible!

If you or your loved ones need help, call the all-Ukrainian 24-hour hotline "Save Ukraine" with the support of USAID Ukraine — 0 800 333 129.