The son took care of his mother until the end

In the photo - 76-year-old Mrs. Raisa from Kharkiv.
On February 24, a grandmother who had recently suffered a stroke woke up to powerful explosions. It's good that her only son, Dmytro, was nearby, and he took his mother to the basement. They spent 5 days there, and when they dared to go up to their apartment, they saw completely broken windows.

The shelling didn't stop and Dmytro decided to do anything to find the car and take his mother to the nearest safe place. Leaving everything, the son and mother reached the subway station, which served as a shelter for dozens of people. It was very cold there and Mrs. Raisa, who didn't have warm clothes, fell ill with bronchitis.

Dmytro was worried about his sick mother and decided to return home for her clothes. That was the last time Mrs. Raisa saw her son. Due to the lack of communication, the worried mother couldn't find out where Dmitry was. She waited and waited...Volunteers repeatedly offered the grandmother to leave, but Mrs. Raisa refused to leave without her son.

The city was now constantly shaking from the bombings and the grandmother agreed to leave... Our volunteers from the partner hub in Kharkiv evacuated Mrs. Raisa to a safe city. But the mother didn't leave the thoughts about her son. And hope.

So, Raisa sent the keys to her friends so that they could check her house... There in the destroyed apartment, next to the mother's bed, was her dead son. Dmytro took care of his mother to the last and bullets did not scare him when it came to her life. This loss became a tragedy for the woman - she was left alone.

Our sympathy goes out to Ms. Raisa. There are no such words in the world to express the pain of losing a child and a loved one, no matter what age they are.

The guilty must be, and will be, punished. Because everyone in this universe gets exactly what they give.