We evacuated a 100-year-old grandmother from Donetsk region

A 100-year-old grandmother was evacuated from Donetsk region!

Raisa Fedorivna, a long-time resident of Sloviansk, sat in our evacuation bus and while we were waiting for a few more people to go to Pokrovsk, our volunteers asked the grandmother about the last six months of her life.

Due to constant shelling in her hometown, Mrs. Raisa was forced to leave everything and flee to Kostyantynivka to her son and daughter-in-law. But even there the war caught up with the old woman.

When our volunteers asked about the grandmother's age, Mrs. Raisa answered briskly: "You won't guess!". Then the number one hundred sounded and the grandmother corrected: "and four months."

Century! Just imagine the scale of historical events that this woman caught. Raisa Fedorivna was half a year old when the Soviet Union was formed, 10 years old - when the genocide of Ukrainians by hunger took place, 17 years old - when the Second World War began... 69 years old - when Ukraine became independent.

And now Mrs. Raisa once again felt the despotic grip of the totalitarian regime that pursued her. There is little to surprise Grandma after all. But she is very upset that she has to leave home again, when she should have peacefully lived out her old age with her family.

We took Ms. Raisa to our partner hub in Pokrovsk, fed her, took care of everything necessary, and then volunteers put her on a train to Dnipro, where her relatives will take her.

We hope that in a safe region Raisa Fedorivna will be able to rest and find peace, and we believe that the grandmother will find the day soon when she will return home to a free Ukraine, and the despotic russian rule will forever disappear into the past.