The youngest mentees of our day centers learn eagerly

We continue to tell you how the youngest mentees of our day centers learn eagerly thanks to the interactive floor provided by the partners of the project "Help is nearby" We Are All Ukrainians and RTL - Wir helfen Kindern - Spendenmarathon.
The events of the past three years have not been conducive to children's quality of learning. Sharp changes in conditions, constant stress, lack of live communication, sirens, explosions, and power outages have caused many children to fail to complete even half of the curriculum. Some students have lost interest in learning during this time.
The educators at our center decided to address this situation, and the interactive floor is helping them do so. It is an excellent tool for interactive learning when a child does not just passively observes what is happening in the class but actively explores new educational topics. This approach motivates and contributes to better assimilation of new knowledge.
Vivid visualizations and a variety of assignments arouse children's interest and focus their attention. Teamwork and a friendly atmosphere motivate them to complete tasks.
In this way, children quickly learn to count, explore geography and expand their English vocabulary. And it all comes easy because the training takes place in a relaxed atmosphere and in a playful way.
Of course, our students still have a long way to go. They need to learn and master a lot to achieve good results. And it takes time. However, such interactive tools in the educational process contribute to faster and more efficient assimilation of knowledge.