12-year-old Diana lost her father near Bakhmut.

12-year-old Diana lost her father near Bakhmut.

In this warm childhood photo, Ukrainian soldier Valery is next to his little daughter Diana from Kyiv. Already from an early age, the girl was surprisingly similar to her father - both outwardly and with a "fiery" strong character. And he protected her from all troubles.

Despite the fact that Diana's mother and father were already divorced, the family relationship was very close: they actively spent time together and Dianka felt parental love. However, everything changed in 2019, when Valeriy defended the country in the anti-terrorist operation on the east of Ukraine.

The term of his contract was supposed to end in 2022. The father had already planned a joint trip with his daughter, but instead they encountered a full-scale war so far from each other.

On February 25, the house opposite Diana's home was damaged by an enemy attack, and Natalya and her daughter urgently left for a country house in the Kyiv region. In just two days, their village was occupied by the Rassians. It was a terrible month: without light, communication, in complete isolation with constant shelling. Diana was very scared, but despite this, together with her mother, she helped put out the burning houses of the villagers. So people united in trouble.

Already in April, the Armed Forces liberated their village and the Kerekesh family returned to sunny and, it seemed, so peaceful Kyiv. Mother and daughter began to rebuild their lives and were waiting for dad.

At that time, Valery was on the front lines protecting millions of Ukrainians from the Russian army. And already on May 23, Diana and Natalya received tragic news... On the eve of his death, the man united his two families: he asked them to protect each other and help, as if he sensed imminent death.

Nowadays, Diana studies at school, communicates with friends and draws pictures by numbers. Her optimism and spirit became a great support for Natalie. These are the same features that the daughter inherited from her father. The girls miss him infinitely and would still like to believe that all this is some kind of mistake...

Our common goal is to help and support children like little Diana, to give them a little warmth to heal even a little from painful losses.

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