A mother from Mariupol cried when she received humanitarian aid for her family

Recently, we received a video of gratitude from Tetyana from Mariupol after our volunteers from the Poltava hub provided her family with humanitarian aid.

Tatiana didn't expect that we would bring so much: two boxes with grocery sets, clothes and basic necessities. The woman couldn't hold back her tears, because after the grief she had experienced, she encountered such care and concern for her problems.

Tetyana's family left Mariupol under bullets to save their three children: the eldest Ilya, 11-year-old Vlada, and four-year-old Artem. It was a sudden decision, so the family did not take anything except the winter clothes they were wearing.

Currently, Tetiana with her husband and two children have settled in Poltava and are gradually adapting to a new life and a different city. It is difficult for them, but Tatyana is sure that the decision to save children from the war was the best in her life.

Later, our team visited the family again to get to know them better and to hand over some necessary things for the children and the mother.

Every good deed brings us closer to victory, to peace. This is a small truth that we feel with all our hearts. And we think you will too!