"We cannot go outside and breathe the air"

8-year-old Yulia from Kherson was unable to undergo a timely medical examination due to the occupation. She has a congenital heart defect.

Every year the girl was regularly checked in Kyiv, but this year all plans were ruined by the russian army. During the illegal occupation of the city, the soldiers took away Yulia's childhood, and after his release, they almost took her life.

On January 29, russian military artillery shelled the yard where little Yulia often played. At the time of the explosion, she and her 13-year-old brother Serhiy ran out of the apartment and hid in the corridor. The girl heard the screams of the neighbors and saw how the special services were working at the site - debris from the projectile then destroyed more than a dozen apartments. Unfortunately, the comrades of family were also affected.

In recent months, Julia was even more afraid for her life. She was thrown on the bed due to regular massive shelling. At night, the girl often woke up and cried for a long time.

"We cannot go outside and breathe the air. We live like in a prison cell. The child wants to play with friends, but they are no longer there, because they have left. We can't do it like this anymore," says mother Natalia.

After the last shelling, the woman packed her things and called the "Save Ukraine" hotline. Previously, she did not know where to ask for help and was afraid to leave with her children into the unknown.
Save Ukraine volunteers warmly took care of the family and provided shelter in the capital's "Hope and Recovery" center.

During the evacuation, Yuliya and Serhiyko forgot about their fear, because for the first time in their lives they rode on an armored special vehicle. The children were very happy with the backpacks "LifePack", which contain the necessary things to maintain life for three days: water, food, a hygiene kit, a toy and more.
Now the Sadovy family is unusual in a good way, because it is much quieter in Kyiv. Due to the lack of explosions, they finally get enough sleep, and soon Yulia will undergo a long-awaited medical examination!