Recently Ihor Samodid visited our wards from the Center of Hope and Recovery

Recently Ihor Samodid - one of the most successful freestylers in Ukraine - visited our wards from the Center of Hope and Recovery!

The athlete not only inspired the children with his felicitous performance but also held a freestyle master class for them.

Moreover, such communication and interaction of children with sports stars have many advantages in the rehabilitation process:

  • it is a new experience for children, which gives them new positive emotions: in the future, they can become a hobby or even a life's work
  • children become more open-minded, and the self-absorption of the trauma gradually disappears
  • some begin to speak again, and more easily come into contact with other people
  • their horizons expand, the world fascinating, and children seek to learn more about it
  • motivation to learn something new appears

We’re sure that this is far from the entire list of those positive moments, for the sake of which such measures should be held.

We thank Ihor Samodid for giving the children a wonderful experience and for these few steps to reviving their mental health.