She buried her husband under bullets near the kindergarten

85-year-old Antonina Stepanivna from Mariupol buried her husband near a kindergarten under Russian bullets.

Ms. Antonina's story makes the skin crawl. the Rashists came to their house and drove the couple out of there. Antonina Stepanivna and her husband moved to the basement. But there were unsuitable conditions, in constant cold and stress - her husband died, and she was left alone.

"Many buildings were simply burned, there was a thousand flames from every window. It is impossible to walk along broken and burnt roads without tears, you see, it is simply impossible. And our house, because of the shelling, looks like the faces of smallpox patients," says the grandmother.

Our volunteers met her in the Zaporizhzhia hub "Christ is the answer". Mrs. Antonina was confused, tired, besides, she had lost her son's address. Fortunately, our team managed to find his contacts. Finally, Antonina Stepanivna is safe and with her son.

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