We managed to return 16 children from russia

16 little Ukrainians are finally at home with their relatives !

This is the result of a large-scale and complex rescue operation to return little Ukrainians from the territory of russia, which was carried out by our team.

The youngest child is 8 years old, the oldest is 17. The russians decided to "rehabilitate" all of them in their camps, they illegally took them to the territory of the occupied Crimea and the russian federation and didn't return them home. Children had to be separated from their parents for several months. And for some - almost a year. During this time, the children could only sometimes communicate with mothers.

It was not easy to bring the children home. First, it was necessary to find them, carry out preparatory work, and get there. And then it is already on the spot to settle the situation, since the management of the camps constantly resisted the mothers and invented some excuses to prevent the children from returning to Ukraine. When the situation was finally resolved, another obstacle arose: the russian border guards didn't let our group out of their territory. So, only at the Latvian border we manage to leave russia together with children.

It is difficult to put into words the emotions that mothers and children experienced at the moment of meeting. Every look, every touch, every word is tears. From separation and joy that they are together again.

This is already the third successful "Save Ukraine" operation to rescue children who were forcibly deported by russia to its territory. And we continue to work to return every possible child to Ukraine!