Where childhood returns

Families with children after evacuation from the frontline areas need to take a break for a certain time and recover from long-term stress before they start building a new life. Therefore they should be in a safe and comfortable place, without thinking about daily problems. That's why we created Hope and Healing centers - a place where adults and children can breathe out, regain strength and adapt to new realities.

The center's program is designed for 3 months. During this time, our specialists take care of families, provide them with everything they need and provide support at the beginning of a new life. Our families receive various help:

  • Humanitarian - food, bedding, clothing, hygiene products.
  • Medical - children undergo a medical examination at "Okhmatdyt".
  • Legal - restoration of documents, registration of IDP certificates, and financial help.
  • Social - consultations on career development and finding a new job.
  • Mental - training and individual consultations with psychologists on working with past traumas.

Art therapy turned out to be an especially effective tool in working with children. Young wards look forward to new classes where they can express their experiences through art. Thanks to drawing, sculpting, dancing, and motor exercises, children recover much faster after a traumatic experience, start to dream, and return to childhood again.

Volunteer psychologists, speech therapists, speech pathologists, and other narrow-profile specialists join the work in our centers. Social workers and lawyers work with adult residents. After all, we need to help parents establish healthy relationships in the family after stress, get a job and take care of their children. Therefore, each family has its own case manager, with whom they create an individual recovery plan.

Upon completion of the program, residents of the centers move into rented houses or apartments or join our Fort Home long-term housing program. But we don't stop helping families here either. After all, they become part of the big Save Ukraine family, so we are always there and ready to support them in tough moments.