"It was a hell that I have not seen in any movie"

For four months of the war, Alla lived in "hot" Lysychansk with her two little daughters and her mother, who was ill after a stroke. Due to constant hiding in the damp basement, the woman fell ill with pneumonia and was not even able to get medical help, because the rashist fired at the nearest hospital.

Despite the illness and the pain in her hand, which grew incorrectly after a severe fracture, Alla carried water every day and cooked on a fire amid shelling so that her family would not starve. The woman was cooking borscht when a shell flew into her house. "All 5 floors were on fire, slabs were falling, and all this on people's heads."

Then, amid the chaos, Alla saw our evacuation bus! The woman was already packing her documents when the second flight arrived. "I heard children's screams outside. There, a woman was torn apart right in front of her granddaughter. And I thought that it was mine screaming...and that I would never see my children again." - remembers Alla with horror.

The "Save Ukraine" team evacuated the family under shelling and made every effort to calm the children and their relatives on the way after the ordeal. In general, on that day, our volunteers took 22 people out of Lysychansk.

Alla's family is currently in Western Ukraine and we continue to take care of this family.