A ruined home and a lost childhood

12-year-old Artem from the town of Orihiv in Zaporizhzhia wasn't at home when a rashists rocket flew into the house where he grew up.

Fortunately, at that time the family was in a nearby village, and although Artyom asked to go home, his mother did'nt let him. Only the cat guarded the lonely house that day and miraculously survived the shelling.

Artem showed our volunteers the roof gutted by debris, the destroyed bathroom in which peaceful people used to bathe... And in this house the boy spent his whole life.

"I was born here. I had friends who lived here. We used to go to the river with them to catch fish...Now all it's gone." - Artyom shared with sadness.

Many houses of Orikhov - a once peaceful and cozy village - were destroyed as a result of the aggression of the russians. We believe that the time will come when new homes will appear here, and their residents will return to a peaceful life amidst the beauty of Ukrainian nature.