We returned home 12 more Ukrainian children

We returned home 12 more Ukrainian children whose russian brought to their territory.

This rescue mission was so complicated, because 17-year-old Denis’s godmother, who had followed him, never managed to return to Ukraine end up. The Russians detained Olga and took away all the documents and the phone. For two days, she was interrogated by FSB representatives and threatened with 15 years in prison. The woman was never allowed to take her godson, instead, she was sent to Minsk, kept there for another day, and finally released. Olga had to ask the Red Cross for help, which actually doesn’t deal with such issues.

A different challenge for us was the return of 11-year-old Serhiy. An orphan boy from Vovchansk, after a full-scale invasion, ends up with his only sister on different sides of the front. But 18-year-old Ksenia didn’t agree with this situation, and she decided to do anything to bring her brother home. As in previous cases, the representatives of the juvenile service prevented family reunification in every way, using mental pressure and manipulative methods. Ksenia had to go through a lot of trials to take Serhiy home.

Fortunately, the children and their parents are already in Ukraine, and everything is good with them. And to help the children recover from the stress and the long journey, we organized a rest for them in the amusement park. It's so lovely to see their smiles, especially after what they've been through.

Thanks to Save Ukraine rescue operations, 108 young Ukrainians are already in the Motherland. We are doing everything possible to return home as many children as possible.

If your child was forcibly deported to enemy territory - call the Save Ukraine hotline with the support of USAID Ukraine or go to the link to our chatbot:

📞 0 800 333 129