"We knew what time it was by night explosions"

Hanna and her 13-year-old son Maxim from Nikopol both have disabilities.

Due to constant shelling and the feeling of danger, the boy began to have serious nervous breakdowns. Then Hanna, who independently raises and takes care of Maxim, was quite afraid for his life.

"There was constant shelling. From the explosions at night, you could see the times... It's hard and scary to live there." - the woman told with tears in her eyes, and Maxim did not let go of his mother's hand for a moment.

Hanna was afraid to leave, because she and her son had nowhere to go. But the stress and the sharp deterioration of Maxim's condition forced his mother to take a risk and leave her native home.

Volunteers from our partner hub in Zaporizhzhia evacuated the family and provided a shelter where the mother and son have everything they need. Currently, our team is looking for a home for them, so that Maxim can recover from the horrors he experienced and feel safe again!

Hanna dreams of returning home, living freely and not being afraid of anything. But above all, a woman wants safety and happiness for her son. Therefore, she does not doubt the correctness of her choice - to save Maxim from the war.