Our little wards visited the Inter TV channel!

Friends, managers and benefactors of our "Hope and Recovery" rehabilitation center in Kyiv constantly organize interesting events for IDP children evacuated from hot spots by the "Save Ukraine" team.

This time, the children had a great opportunity to feel themselves in the role of cameramen, TV presenters and journalists on the Inter TV channel!

At the studio, we looked at what the technical equipment looks like and how it can be used to shoot a full-fledged plot. The boys couldn't resist trying on the bulletproof vests and helmets of military journalists, and the girls became hosts of the "Unified Telethon" for a while!

In this difficult time, it is so important to give children as many reasons for joy and positive impressions as possible. Especially for those who until recently hid from russian shelling in the epicenter of hostilities and left their home.

Thank you to our partners for helping to make children's little dreams come true!💛