"It's a rocket and it's flying straight into our house."

"I look out the window at night and see some kind of horror flying through me. I understand it's a rocket and it's flying straight into our house."
This is not an excerpt from an apocalyptic horror film, but the real memories of Ms. Nadia, a resident of Druzhkivka in Donetsk region.

Our team helped a woman, her 15-year-old daughter Erica and their pets to safety after a terrible event.
That night, Nadiya put the children to bed, but for a long time she could not fall asleep, tossing and turning in bed. Suddenly, the woman heard a whistle and a loud noise - she looked out the window. There she saw that a rocket was flying directly into their house, for a moment everything shook, the windows on the balcony flew out. And she didn't even have time to move.

Thank God, the rocket flew past their high-rise building, but hit the school building in their residential area - that's where Nadiya's daughters studied. That night, the woman finally decided to leave the city for the sake of her children.

Our volunteers brought the family together with their cat and dog to the Luhansk hub: they fed, warmed and provided all the necessary assistance, and then put the family on an evacuation train to Dnipro. Now Nadiya and her daughter are safe and rehabilitation and recovery are ahead of them.