Continued to go to work under bullets

Currently, 77 Ukrainian families have already received free housing for long-term residence thanks to the Fort Home project!

Among them is the Sizemovy family from Avdiyivka - a city in which it is currently difficult to find a house untouched by the Russian "world". A year and a half ago, Hanna and Mykhailo and their two children - 6-year-old Valeria and 3-year-old Vika - lived happily here.
The husband worked at a factory, the eldest daughter was eagerly preparing for her first school year, and the youngest Vika was just going to kindergarten.

These plans were destroyed by Russian missiles that began to hit their city on February 24. For two weeks, the mother and the girls had to hide in the basement, and father Mykhailo, despite everything, continued to go to work under bullets. The man came under the shelling fire twice and only miraculously returned home. The "arrivals" didn't stop almost round the clock, and one evening an enemy rocket hit the family's house twice. Then the couple made the final decision to leave their town.

Having barely caught the connection, they called a local carrier, but until the last, they didn't know whether he would come for them. Finally, at 5 in the morning, the family with the children left the war zone. However, for many months the family moved from one city to another in search of affordable housing. That is how they ended up in the village of Tsarichanka, Dnipropetrovsk region. Right here, with the support of the local church and foreign partners, our team was just building several modular houses for families who lost their homes.

It was at that time that the Sizemovy family learned the painful news from their parents: a Russian rocket hit their apartment. Now they have nowhere to go back. Fear and despair gripped mother Hanna. The woman was never able to tell her daughters that they no longer had a home. After all, the girls were exhausted from all they had experienced, and the younger Vika even started having problems with the development of speech against the background of stress.

The blackest streak in the family's life ended when we reported that they now have their own cozy home. Not to convey those emotions of joy and relief that the family felt at the moment of settlement. Currently, parents and children can recover in safety: Valeriya is preparing to go to first grade for the second time, and little Vika has started attending an inclusive development center, where she works with a psychologist and a speech therapist.

With all our hearts, we wish the family to find strength and peace in their new home.