Threatening, beating, and conducting searches

«When I saw the “Z” sign, I had already begun saying goodbye to everyone on a phone call», – Mother Tetyanna recalls how the Russian military stationed seven BTR near the fence and pointed their muzzles at her house. There were her two sons in it - 6-year-old Mykyta and 16-year-old Andriy.

The enemy on purpose hid armored vehicles in the private sector of Stepanivka, covering themselves with Kherson’s citizens from Ukrainian attacks.
Meanwhile, 40 army men were visiting the houses of neighbors - threatening, beating, and conducting searches.

The so-called "referendum" was an even harder test for the family. 2 local collaborators came home with a "request" to vote. 4 enemy soldiers with machine guns were standing nearby. When Tetyana refused, she was mentally preparing for the worst: a bullet to the head. Fortunately, it didn't happen...

Working in a bar wasn’t easy for a woman either. Right in the room, the Russian military started shooting and threatened to take the eldest son by force to fight for their army. Andriy was not the only one in danger.

The younger son Nikita was frightened when one day he and his mother were pulled from a minibus by a Russian soldier. During the inspection of Tatyana's phone, he found a photo of her deceased husband. Because of this, the mother and son were interrogated for 15 minutes on the side of the road, until some citizens of Kherson stood up for the family.

Even after the liberation of Kherson Oblast, Tetyana's mother, and her sons don't sleep every night anyway. Explosions are heard near their house every five minutes. They literally flew through the house, many windows were broken.
"When you take your children by the hand and take a breath, you think: 'Was it the last time or not?" - the woman has been living with these thoughts for the past 3 months.

Tetyana decided to leave her home when she found a Save Ukraine ad about free evacuation. Our team rescued a family from the village of Stepanivka and sheltered them in the "Hope and Recovery" center in Kyiv. Later, our volunteers arranged for them to move abroad, to the Czech Republic. Mykyta and Andrii took our LifePack rescue backpacks with them on the trip.

Now for a year, the Tatarynov family will live for free in a hotel in a ski resort, where there are excellent conditions for recovery and peace. For the first 6 months, the Czech government will provide the family with benefits while the family looks for their own income.

0 800 333 129 – free hotline of the rescue network Save Ukraine with support USAID Ukraine.