Children require our care

Nearly 6.5 thousand children have been left without parental care since the beginning of the full-scale war.

6-year-old Karina’s parents died saving their daughter from enemy shelling. The father of 4-year-old Yaroslav was killed in heavy fighting for the Donetsk region. And the father of 2-year-old Daria didn't have time to leave for treatment in time due to the occupation of his hometown by the Russians.

These children require our care. They should be happy, developing, learning, and believing in their happy future. And we are able to help them with this!

Our team, together with PrivatBank, continues to gather 35 million hryvnias for "safety and development" gifts for orphans.

According to our calculations, this is the amount needed to provide young Ukrainians traumatized by the war with modern tablets with software for learning and development, books, power banks, blankets, and other useful things, depending on their age.

We have already collected almost 11 million hryvnias, and a third of the path has already been completed! But we mustn't stop, because children rely on us, adults.

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