From the war - to the crown

Maksym and Nastya from Kharkiv dreamed of getting married and finally planned a wedding for March. On February 24, Nastya was supposed to go to get a wedding dress, but that morning her pleasant anticipation of marriage changed to horror from explosions all over the city.

Every day it was getting worse, so the couple together with Nastya's mother decided to leave their hometown.
Maxim compares their evacuation with stills from the movie "Titanic":

"There is a long queue at the station, explosions are heard all around, it is scary whether a projectile will hit this crowd now, there is a crowd around." Among hundreds of frightened people, the couple lost their mother. Fortunately, they found her right before the train left.

It was a difficult road: the same shelling from the Rashists invasion was heard all over Ukraine, and it seemed that there was nowhere to hide from those aggressive destructions. Finally, the couple arrived in Lviv, where they were sheltered by our partner hub - the "Life" church.

Due to bureaucratic obstacles and a long wait, Maksym and Nastya almost lost hope of getting married... when one of the RACs agreed to sign them! "We signed off, and the next day the "Life" church made us an incredibly cool wedding!" - says Maksym.

Volunteers decorated the hall with flowers, found a dress for Nastya, took care of her hair and makeup. The couple did not expect such care during this difficult time. The newlyweds were constantly involved in the volunteer activities of the church, and recently returned to Kharkiv to help their compatriots!

Let love support, protect and give them strength in these times - before (and after) our victory.