3-year-old boy began to stutter because of shelling

3-year-old Oleg is the youngest in the large Voronin family from the Kherson region. The boy began to stutter because of the russian shelling of his native village of Komyshany, because he constantly feared for himself and the lives of his relatives.

Before the start of the war, little Oleg developed wonderfully and willingly met new friends. Now it is very difficult for him to say a few sentences. All because of the occupation of the region for 9 months and explosions on the native land.

The self-proclaimed government created panic in society for complete control. In particular, in Oblenergo, where Oleg's father worked, an employee who photographed a russian military unit was arrested and sent to Rostov for 12 years in prison. After the de-occupation of the Kherson Region, the family continued to live in fear due to arrivals.

The house of the Voronin family was in the middle of the line of fire: the russians launched their shells from the right bank of the Dnipro river, and nearby was Potemkin Island, around which hostilities were constantly taking place. Mortar shelling destroyed many homes of the villagers. And because of one of these arrivals, Oleg's family finally decided to leave home.

On the way to safety, another shocking event awaited the family with 5 children. On the way to the church, a shell flew 100 meters from them. Those were terrible seconds, but there was no time to recover - the family moved on. This road was the most difficult for Oleg's mother. The woman could barely withstand the load due to a leg injury that occurred as a result of worsening thyroid disease.

Having reached the church, the family noticed an announcement about evacuation from "Save Ukraine"! Our team reunited the family with grandparents from Kherson and brought all 9 together to the capital. We also gave each of the children "LifePacks" and thermal bags for school breakfasts❤️

Currently, a large family is preparing documents for going abroad in order to wait out the most difficult phase of the war with their children. Oleg will be able to undergo psychological rehabilitation there, and his mother will be able to undergo treatment. After victory, the family dreams of returning home to the Kherson region.

We send rays of support to the family and believe that Oleg will be able to recover from what he experienced 🙏