The boy lived in Russia for 10 years

The story of 13-year-old Kirill is slightly different from the stories of other Ukrainian children, at least it's the beginning. But still, the ending is so alike to all the others.

The boy and his mother lived in Russia for 10 years. But it was on the day of the full-scale invasion, February 24, 2022, that Kirill's mother died. The stepfather refused to take custody of Kirill, and the boy was left alone in a foreign country. Dad, grandmother, and other relatives are all in Ukraine.

Due to the state of war in the country, the father could not go to pick up his son. So, at her own peril and risk, the grandmother went to the enemy country to return her grandson.

However, at first, the guardianship authorities didn't give the boy to the grandmother, they demanded that she adopt the grandson. Then they agreed that granny should take her grandson under her responsibility and force her to write a statement not to leave the country. Kirill and his grandmother lived in a rented apartment, the money was running out, and the woman started selling socks to survive. The boy also joined the family business. He created a site that made it easier to sell products and make a living.

Meanwhile, the grandmother is increasingly telling Kirill the truth about the war in Ukraine. And at school Kiriil got bullying for being Ukrainian. But he can't answer the abusers, because he will be called to the director and taken away from his grandmother.

All along, our team was in touch with the family, and helped, and supported them in every possible way. And it was our team that did everything possible so that the grandson and grandmother were able to cross the border and leave Russia.

Today Kirill is glad he is finally in Ukraine. He, who in fact lived most of his life in Russia, knows his roots very well. The boy admires Cossacks and modern Ukrainian heroes. Moreover, the Save Ukraine team fulfilled the boy's dream - presented him with a blue and yellow Ukrainian flag.

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