The war took away their childhood

Our team, together with PrivatBank, continues the charity event in support of children who, since February 24, have lost their dearest — parents.

The war took away their childhood and hope for a bright future, leaving them with pain and traumatic experience instead. Therefore, it is we, the adults, who must take care of their well-being today and a happy future tomorrow. It’s we are able to create safe conditions for kids to grow and develop, and give them back their childhood.

We are raising 35 million UAH for "security and development" backpacks. Each one will have a tablet with the "Smart" software. These are modern programs developed by a team of practicing teachers, IT specialists, scientists, methodologists, and psychologists. Now the software contains 17,000 different tasks that meet the requirements of the National Academy of Sciences and have the seal of the Ministry of Education and Culture of Ukraine.

Due to animated characters, fascinating plots, and sound accompaniment, hard learning turns into an interesting game. The ability to immediately see their results and mistakes motivates children to complete tasks faster, stimulates the desire to learn even more interesting and new things, and easily assimilates educational material.

It is hard to hold back a smile when you see the zeal with which children immerse themselves in the learning process. At this moment, they get small successes and are distracted from what they have experienced. They are motivated to study further and rejoice in their achievements. This means that they return to their stolen childhood again.

We still have 24 million UAH to gather. Let's join forces to give these young Ukrainians a chance for a happy future together!

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