They almost died twice from Russian attacks

After the frontline horrors, Iryna and her son Vladyslav have been rebuilding their lives in our "Hope&Healing" center for a month. They still remember how they almost died twice from Russian attacks in their native town Odradokamyanka. Mother and son lived opposite the occupied Novaya Kakhovka in the Kherson region. And recently, after another mass attack by the enemy, their house was pierced with fragments of incendiary shells:

"Almost killed my son. At night, when it flew, it glowed and clicked a lot. We all got under the bed and in the corners of the walls and then ran headlong into the crypt. We hid everywhere to save ourselves. We thought that this was the last shelling in their lives," says Iryna.

Just 10 meters from the house of the Groshevs, a large gap suddenly appeared. Their veranda was blown away by the blast wave, the windows and doors were broken, and the entire roof was in holes. The family didn't sleep that terrible night, instead, they gathered pieces from the still-burning warheads.

For the second time, 14-year-old Vladyslav's life hung in the balance when he was fleeing from the salvo fire of the Grad system. While he was running with buckets from the neighbor's well, the mother counted 3 falling shells near her son. Vlad threw down buckets of water and crawled into his yard, hiding under the mud. Only thanks to the fence, the boy managed to escape from the sharp iron of the projectiles. Some of them got stuck right in the fence.

Now the family is finally safe. We take care of them in our new rehabilitation center in the Kyiv region. Here, Iryna and Vlad have a cozy room, necessary humanitarian aid, and the full support of psychologists and social workers. But the main thing is that now the family has hope for a better life.

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