Marynka takes her first steps on a «training» prosthesis!

In the photo - 6-year-old Marynka takes her first steps on a «training» prosthesis!

The story of this girl painfully affected the whole country. In May, during the shelling of Kherson region, an enemy shell hit Marynka's house. The child's had her leg torn off during the shelling. Her mother Natalya wounded by shrapnel both legs.

Our «Save Ukraine» team evacuated the family by ambulance to the «Ohmatdyt», where they are still undergoing treatment and rehabilitation.

At first, Marinka was afraid to even wear a prosthesis, but after a few weeks of intensive training, the child is already walking on it independently with the help of crutches! And also, the girl gave her prosthesis a name - Kesha.

It was the painstaking work of rehabilitators and psychologists, and Maryna herself, who found the courage and not childish strength to go through these trials.

We supported the family with all our hearts and are very glad that Marinka is gradually recovering. We wish her and her mother strength!

Photo: Ohmatdyt