The russians didn't give 12-year-old Anna from Kherson to her parents for 4 months

The russians didn't give 12-year-old Anna from Kherson to her parents for 4 months

Our team did everything possible and impossible so that the girl returned home together with 15 children who were forcibly deported to the territory of Russia under the guise of "rehabilitation".

Back in the summer, Anna's classmates went on vacation to the Crimea and returned home. So the girl also wanted to go to the camp, because since the beginning of the war she lived in the stress of the occupied city. At that time, Kherson was becoming more and more dangerous: the battles between the rashists and Ukrainian defenders were getting closer and closer, and the threat of large-scale shelling was growing every day.

Therefore, in order for their daughter to be as far away from danger as possible , Anna's parents agreed to a two-week trip to the Crimea. However, they did not suspect that these two weeks would stretch into 4 long months.

At first, the russians began to "evacuate" other children from the city, and then abandoned them altogether, when the ZSU finally came to Kherson. However, no one was going to return those children who ended up in russia to Ukraine.

During those months of separation, Anna constantly called home, cried on the phone, because she really wanted to hug mom and dad. But it was not possible to take the girl from Crimea to her relatives.

Thanks to the fact that Anna's parents turned to the Save Ukraine team for help in time, the daughter has now been reunited with her relatives. Their meeting was incredibly warm and heartbreaking. However, after the experience, the girl still does not speak much and smiles reluctantly.

Now, all 16 young Ukrainians will be able to go through the rehabilitation process after this difficult event. And our team will definitely be there to help these families recover and resume their lives in safety on their native land.