Tablets return interest to the education of our wards

Most children enter our day centers for the first time in a depressed state after everything they had to go through during the war. It is difficult for children to adapt to education, communication with peers and normal life. After all, they are still under stress.

A few months ago, 9-year-old Myron and 7-year-old Kira from a large IDP family came to one of our day centers. It was extremely difficult for the brother and sister to concentrate on their studies: they were often distracted and didn’t want to study. Therefore, our tutors decided to work with Myron and Kira individually. However, the educational process still remained uninteresting and burdensome for children until they picked up tablets.

It was the tablets with educational programs from the "Rozumnyk" company that finally got the brother and sister interested! Gradually, Myron and Kira were able to focus on tasks for longer and longer, began to learn the material and make progress. Today, children already know all the letters, read in syllables and understand the words they read. But the most important thing is that they get pleasure from the educational process! Myron and Kira also showed a love for drawing, games and communication.Now Myron and Kira realize what a lesson is and wait for the teachers at their desks until it starts. And this is worth a lot

We thank our partners We Are All Ukrainians and RTL - Wir helfen Kindern - Spendenmarathon , who provided our day centers for orphans with modern equipment, including tablets. Thanks to them, young Ukrainians affected by the war are able to catch up on their studies and find joy and strength to step into the future.