Our volunteers were attacked by a Russian tank

Our volunteers were attacked by a Russian tank.

The Save Ukraine team in the south, "Life Ministry International", brought humanitarian aid and stoves to the residents of Kozatsky, when the Russians suddenly began a massive shelling of the village.

The enemy tank attacked from the opposite bank of the occupied Kherson region. The projectile hit an apartment building, the residents of which our rescuers came to help.

The Russians was too close, literally across the river. In addition, they used drones and thus didn`t release volunteers from the hot zone. Fortunately, our rescuers miraculously returned unharmed.

Leaving the danger, they constantly thank God that they all remained alive. And also for the fact that they still managed to help people and fulfill their purpose.

The Life Ministry International mission has been close to the demarcation line for a year. Rescuers arrived in the right-bank Kherson region on the first day of liberation together with the defense forces, November 11. Since then, the team has been organizing the evacuation of families with children and people with reduced mobility.

We admire the bravery of the volunteers and thank them for helping Ukrainians amid the hell that the Russians have created on our land!

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