The girls did'nt know if they would wake up in the morning

Three sisters - Katya, Vika and Sasha - left the Kherson region themselves.

The girls lived on an island near Chornobayivka when the rashists invaded their native land. The situation in the region was terrible: people were kidnapped and tortured. Therefore, the sisters never left the house alone.

rashists set up a roadblock not far from the girls' house. Every day there were explosions or rockets flying here. 18-year-old Katya remembers with tears in her eyes how she always woke up at 4 in the morning because they started bombing. Her whole body trembled with fear, but Katya had to be strong to calm her younger sisters. The girls were afraid to fall asleep because they didn't know if they would wake up in the morning...

But the scariest thing, says Katya, was passing the roadblock. russians interrogated and forced to show all documents.

The family didn't have enough funds to leave the occupied territory together, so the parents decided to save their daughters. Volunteers from one of our hubs met the sisters in Zaporizhzhia: they provided the necessary assistance and sent the girls by train to their relatives.

The sisters worry about their parents and dream of seeing them...and they also dream that no child will ever experience such horrors again.