A foreign delegation of representatives of the American Federation of Teachersvisited us

Recently, a foreign delegation of representatives of the American Federation of Teachers, the Polish Teachers' Union, and the European Committee of Education Trade Unions visited our day centers and the "Hope and Recovery" center. The visit took place as part of a working trip to Ukraine organized by the World Federation of Teachers' Unions.

During the meeting, American and European educators personally got acquainted with the activities of our Save Ukraine organization, saw the conditions in which our teachers perform training sessions with young wards, and discovered the features of our development programs for children who suffered due to Russian aggression.

The head of the foundation, Mykola Kuleba, took advantage of this opportunity to tell representatives of the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) about how the education system in Ukraine has changed since the beginning of the full-scale invasion. He particularly drew the attention of the guests to the problems and challenges that Ukrainian educators, schoolchildren, and their parents have to overcome every day. After all, our children, instead of a normal educational process, today are forced to interrupt their lessons to hide in shelters during an air raid. At night, instead of sound sleep, they are forced to get out of bed and hide in corridors or basements. And also about learning in the conditions of electricity and Internet blackouts, about the imposition of educational Russian "standards" on children in the temporarily occupied territories.

Our guests appreciated the experience of our center's teachers and psychologists in working with children we evacuated from war zones and promised to raise the level of public awareness of the educational situation in Ukraine due to the war.

We thank the American Federation of Teachers, the European Regional Organization ETUCE, and the Union of Polish Teachers for the visit and look forward to further cooperation.