Interactive floor in our educational centers for orphans

A new week of classes has begun in our educational centers for orphans  !

Today we will tell you about the thing that brings the little ones to absolute delight while studying in the centers - this is an interactive floor!
So, what is it?)

The interactive floor is an integrated system of projection image and sensors that allow interaction with the projection image on the floor. This modern tool is designed for the development and restoration of motor, intellectual and emotional-volitional spheres. And its programs have certificates of compliance with the pedagogical requirements of the Ministry of Education and Culture of Ukraine.

The feature of the interactive floor is learning in the form of a game, which is very engaging and makes the completion of tasks a relaxed and interesting process.
Classes with an interactive system bring a lot of benefits: they develop motor skills, speed of reactions, flexibility of thinking, memory and other mental processes;

In addition, our teachers noticed that during the game, children learn to respect task partners, establish friendly relationships, and also form personal qualities, for example: independence, tolerance, sensitivity and perseverance.

Separately, it is worth mentioning the magical atmosphere from the visual effects that fill the space. It turned out to be especially important for children at times of blackouts !

12 of our educational centers function within the framework of the project "Dopomoga poruch", which is implemented with the support of our partners – We Are All Ukrainians , RTL wir helfen kindern  🙌

To be continued !