Story of the Yakovenko family

Tetyana Yakovenko will remember the first day of the full-scale war as a terrible nightmare for the rest of her life. That morning, the woman woke up not from an alarm clock, but from the horrible sounds of explosions. Kharkiv was on fire.

In an hour, the Yakovenkas gathered their three children, documents, and the most necessary things. The whole family spent the next 5 days in the damp basement. Day by day, there were more and more people here... Everyoanxious, almost no one slept, and 3-year-olds Hlyb and Yegor started coughing badly.

The parents didn't want to risk the health of the children any further, so the whole family returned to the apartment. However, constant explosions made it even more dangerous there. Any loud sound made their children tremble.

Mykola and Tetyana decided to escape, but not abroad. The Yakovenko family resolutely wanted to stay in Ukraine, so they went with their children to the Onishki village, where the husband's late mother used to live.

The family drove to the old house for two days, hiding from gunfire, passing roadblocks, and waiting for the end of the curfew. But it was impossible to stay in their grandmother's house because it was robbed and ruined.

The couple was very worried about the mental and physical condition of their sons. The boys were exhausted. And if 10-year-old Andriy was still holding on somehow, the younger Yehor and Hlyb fell ill. Parents simply did not know where to go.

We couldn't leave this family in trouble. Thanks to the Fort Home project and the support of our partners, the Yakovenki couple and their children now live in a comfortable modular house. Everything is here for their adaptation and recovery.

Mykola is already working on the farm, and the boys are studying: Andriy is in an online school, and Hlyb and Yegor are in kindergarten. They already feel much better and have adapted to their new life, but miss their home still.

The Yakovenki family is very grateful to all the kind people who met them on this difficult path and helped them survive this period. And we thank everyone who helps us save human lives with their support. Together we move towards Victory.