Valeria learned that her father's life was taken by an enemy mine

The father of 12-year-old Valeria returned to service in the Armed Forces two months before the full-scale invasion of the Russians began. Before that, Oleksandr served in the ATO for one and a half years, and after a short break, he again felt the call of duty.

In the summer, Valeria learned that her father's life was taken by an enemy mine. On that fateful day, Oleksandr and his comrades were going to pick up the wounded and came across an anti-tank mine. Then Ukraine lost 10 warriors of light, and Valeria's life changed forever.

Currently, the girl lives with her mother in Kyiv and is not going to leave Ukraine. The pain of the child after the loss of the father still does not subside. That's why Valeriya tries to occupy herself with something in her free time: she listens to music, makes jewelry from beads, additionally studies mathematics, Ukrainian, English, draws and dreams of becoming a designer.
It is in our power to help Valeria move towards her dream and ease her pain of loss.

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