Learning during the war

Learning during the war is every child's ability to move toward a better future. This is a chance to bring a piece of normal life back, despite the constant shelling and shocks that small Ukrainians are still experiencing.

With such thoughts, the Save Ukraine team started the social project "Help is Nearby" and has been providing educational support last six months to orphans in 12-day centers across the country.

Thanks to the support of partners We Are All Ukrainians and RTL - Wir helfen Kindern - Spendenmarathon, all our centers are equipped with modern tools, which play a significant role in affordable and effective education for children.

Moreover, the main educational tool was a tablet with software from the Ukrainian company "Smarties". A gadget with a huge variety of educational programs involved even the most restless kids.

Using tablets, our teachers select tasks individually for each child, taking into account the degree of difficulty. And the mobility of the device allows children to learn not only in the center but also at home.

We are grateful to our partners and everyone who helps us restores the quality of educational life of young Ukrainians!

Together we can protect the most vulnerable. Those who tomorrow will continue to rebuild the blooming Ukraine!