Serving people with special needs

Last week, our team, along with the founder of Save Ukraine, Mykola Kuleba, attended a meeting with Craig Johnson, the developer, and creator of Champion's program for children with disabilities. The event took place in the Irpin creative club "Divosvit".

During the meeting, we discussed the obstacles faced by disabled children and their parents and the needs of such families in society. Attention was also drawn to the changes that need to be carried out in the community, and what services to create for full children’s development.

Pastor Craig inspiredly presented the project of creating a "Champion's Club" in the Irpin community, whose activities will be focused on serving people with special needs. The program will fulfill the developmental needs of children, teenagers, and adults with special needs in four important areas:

  • spiritual,
  • emotional,
  • physical,
  • creative.

The meeting also visited parents of children with disabilities, the head of the IRC, the acting head of "Divosvit", the head of the Children's Service of Irpin, and a member of the VRU.

Together, we continue to create comfortable conditions for the life and development of our children.