They saw their children again

The fifth rescue mission of Save Ukraine, which became the biggest challenge for our team, is already over. But, despite all the obstacles, we brought 31 children home.

Moms overcame a long and tough path. They crossed the borders of several countries to see their children again. But first, the women had to undergo a 13-hour interrogation by the FSB and endure the obsessive, manipulative attention of the Russian mass media, which forced them to thank the aggressor state on camera for the "rescue" of their children.

Not all stories have a happy ending, however. 2 more children were to return to Ukraine, followed by their grandmother. Unfortunately, on the way, the woman's heart suddenly stopped, and it was unable to save her. Our team is now doing everything we can to help her family.

Thank you all for your support and help. Together, we are doing everything possible to every Ukrainian child end up at home with his relatives again.