They tortured a father of 5 children because of a fishing suit

Today, 5 children of the Sheyko family from the Kherson Region are safe in one of our Hope and Recovery Centers. Father Oleksandr and mother Vika are preparing to become parents for the sixth time, and the children are very happy that they will finally not hear explosions and will be able to play peacefully with other children of the center.

However, before that, the family had to go through a lot of horrors until Save Ukraine rescuers evacuated them from their native Chervoniy Mayak.

While the village was under occupation, Oleksandr barely survived after being tortured by the invaders and local collaborators. The Russians found a photo of a man in a security guard's uniform and his fishing suit, and for that they took the father to the prison in Kakhovka. He was credited with service in the Armed Forces and the transfer of secret information to them, but Oleksandr never served.

The man was tortured with electric current, blindfolded and beaten until he bled with rubber sticks, fed moldy bread, or not allowed to eat at all for 2 days. He was saved by his mother-in-law, who raised an uproar in the entire Kakhovka district. The son-in-law was released after a week, although later uninvited "guests" visited the family home again.

After the deoccupation, it was no less dangerous in the native village, because the Russians began shelling the right bank of the Kherson Region. It often flew into neighboring houses, up to 20 flights per day in the village. But the children at home had nowhere to hide, so they simply sat through the shelling in the house.

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