Save Ukraine rebuilds existing
buildings that were damaged, or builds new homes. According to UNHCR, the war created a refugee flow of more than 12 million Ukrainians in Europe and all around the world. More than 1 million people are coming back to Ukraine.
Save Ukraine supports families to rebuild their lives. It's a complex strategy of recovery and empowerment on individual, family, and community levels.

The first step is to provide quality psychological assistance. Ukrainians suffer from the loss of loved ones and parents, the loss of home and the stress of resettlement. They need us to help them adapt to new life conditions.
What Save Ukraine
is doing to restore life
Tetyana and Mykola from Bakhmutske have two sons; one of the boys
has severe cerebral palsy. For a long time, they were forced to live in a
basement while russian shells destroyed their house and the village.

Save Ukraine team evacuated the family and provided them with housing in a safe region of Ukraine. As a part of our new “FORTHOME” project they now live in a modular house with all the necessary amenities.
From a bomb shelter
to a new life
38000 +
Houses were destroyed
Charitable Foundation, which coordinates dozens of organizations, volunteers, individuals and legal entities to help internally displaced persons
Mykola Kuleba:
Save Ukraine: