We have collected 800 kits of humanitarian aid

We have great news - thanks to a joint project with World Vision International , we have collected 800 kits of humanitarian aid for families affected by the flood caused by the disaster at the Kakhovka HPP!

Each kit includes: a food box, 18 liters of water, a hygiene kit, a power bank, 2 blankets, 2 pillows, 2 towels, a sleeping bag, a caremat and water purification tablets. We also prepared 100 filters for water purification to provide schools, kindergartens, hospitals and local communities of the Kherson Region.

Our team has already distributed aid to affected families in three villages. The path was not easy: broken roads and bridges, destroyed houses and all the consequences of the flood awaited us. But the volunteers managed to convey this important support to the families, and with it faith in the future.

Soon we will share with you a photo report, details of our trip and the stories of the families we managed to help. So stay tuned!