Tears of happiness

Earlier, we told you about the family from Bakhmutsky, which we managed to evacuate.

Tatiana and her husband have two children: an older son with severe cerebral palsy and 4-year-old Ignat.
This family went through terrible trials in their hometown: from the beginning of the war, they lived together in a cold basement and starved. Their house was damaged by shrapnel, and the largest fragment hit Tatiana's sick son's bed.

Today we are happy because the family is safe and has a home. They settled in one of the modular houses built by our team. It has everything you need for life.

Until the last minute, the family didn't know where the "Save Ukraine" volunteers were taking them. And when Tatiana went to the house with her son in her arms, she admitted that she didn't expect such good conditions. There were tears. It was an emotional moment for all of us.

The children quickly adapted to the new place and now feel much better.

Our team strives to save as many children and families as possible. We can do it together.

To do this, go to the "Help" section of our site to make a donation. Or contact the "Save Ukraine" Hotline if you want to volunteer:

📞 0 800 333 129