"There is a dream for us to survive"

"There is a dream for us to survive" - ​​these are the words of 8-year-old Liza, who spent her whole life in the recently de-occupied Kupyansk.

The rushists didn't let the girl, her sister and her parents out of the area of the sugar factory:
"They are shouting so much there that I run so much from every explosion that I don't have time to take anything with me to the basement. I was always scared. Especially for my parents, even though they were there."

Over the past six months, Liza has sad memories: she left her home, the Russians took away her spring and summer and the opportunity to go out with friends who had left.

Liza missed the pre-war school the most, but she still doesn't know how she will study further. In the future, the girl wants to become a baker.

Leaving her native home, Liza took with her a pop-it to soothe, a diary for memories and a favorite soft toy. Our team evacuated the family to Kharkiv. Liza constantly told our volunteers how much she loves Ukraine and even took a blue-yellow flag with her as a reminder.

The most pleasant memory for her is an exciting evacuation on an armored bus, where Lisa finally felt safe. Therefore, to please the girl, our volunteers took the family to the railway station in an armored car.

Liza and her family went to a new region, but she believes that after the victory she will return home as soon as possible, to walks in her native and peaceful Kupyansk.

Our children dream of...survival. No words. We will never forgive this.