Ruslan is a "Save Ukraine" volunteer who has repeatedly found himself in dire situations

We continue to introduce you to the extraordinary volunteers of "Save Ukraine" who, risking their lives, save Ukrainians from war!

Ruslan started volunteering in 2015 and has not stopped it since then. Even then, most of the residents of Severodonetsk - the man's hometown - knew Ruslan for his good deeds.

At the beginning of the full-scale war, the Ruslan sent his wife to the West of Ukraine, and continued to help Ukrainians in places under fire.

Ruslan immediately brings a couple of tons of products and distributes aid to residents of villages and hard-to-reach areas. In addition, the man travels to Donbas to evacuate people to safe cities.

Ruslan repeatedly came under fire and in dangerous situations. Once his evacuation bus full of people stalled, while the rashist's "Grad" started working nearby. Thanks to the Ukrainian soldiers who were passing by and Ruslan's bravery, the bus and its passengers made it to safety unharmed.

There was even a case when a man had to flee through forest strips from russian helicopters that spotted his beads in an open area.

But all this does not stop the activity of the volunteer. His heart aches for people, so at any opportunity Ruslan goes to help again. The man says that he cannot sit at home at such a time, and the rescue of Ukrainians inspires and adds faith in Victory!

We thank Ruslan for his bravery in carrying out this dangerous, but such an important mission - saving Ukrainian lives!