With a cat under fire

This is 13-year-old Eva and her cat Busya from Mariupol. They were together when the city was mercilessly attacked by the rashists. Then, with the first explosions, Busya climbed into the battery and the girl could not get the frightened cat for a long time.

In order to escape, Eva's family fled to another part of the city. It was March: cold, no water, no light. Busya was constantly freezing and hiding under the blanket. From time to time, the family went out into the city under fire to get food. And wherever they were, they always took the cat with them, because it is part of the family.

"There was no bread, but we had flour, and my aunt made bread" - that's how they saved themselves in difficult times, says Eva.

The family was able to leave a month after the start of the war. They are currently in Chernivtsi in the center for displaced persons. Eva was met there by volunteers from one of our hubs, who regularly organize holidays for children and bring sweets.